Indian Institute of Architects - Northern Chapter

We are the Northern Chapter of the Indian Institute of Architects. We represent the Architects of the Delhi and J&K.

Our Vision

To be the thought leader for Profession, be its voice for policy change and its guardian for effective implementation.

The Northern Chapter of the Institute was established in 1956 under the leadership of :

  • Chairman : Ar. S.K. Joglekar
  • Vice-Chairman : Ar. T.J. Manickam
  • Jt. Hon. Secretary : Ar. J.R. Bhalla
  • Jt. Hon. Secretary : Ar. A. Bhardwaj
  • Treasurer : Ar. R.G. Anand

The Indian Institute of Architects (IIA) is the National body of Architects. It was established in 1917, the institute at the end of 2013-2015 term has 18507 members in the following categories.

  • Fellows              : 1848
  • Associates         : 14937
  • Licentiates        : 41
  • Students            : 1655
  • Reinstatement : 26

The Institute plays a major role in promoting the profession of architecture by organizing and uniting the Architects of India to promote aesthetic, scientific and practical efficiency of the profession both in Practice and in Education.

The Northern Chapter of the Institute is current being represented by :

Office Bearers

  • Chairman : Ar. Shamit Manchanda
  • Vice-Chairman : Ar. Mahesh Tarachand Paliwal
  • Treasurer : Ar. Rohit Jain
  • Jt. Hon. Secretary : Ar. Ashish Gupta
  • Jt. Hon. Secretary : Ar. Manoj Mathur

Executive Committee Members

  1. Ar. Amarjit Singh
  2. Ar. Ameet Babbar
  3. Ar. Ajay Miglani
  4. Ar. Ajay Puri
  5. Ar. Anuj Srivastava
  6. Ar. Harish Chander
  7. Ar. Kiran Chimalwar
  8. Ar. Nilanjan Bhowal
  9. Ar. Nikhil Mohan Mishra

The dynamics of construction and interior product industry is fast changing. Hence, it is a mutual need that the Industry should get a platform / opportunities to communicate directly with the Architect about the new products/services and at the same time it is in the professional interest as well as in the interest of the clients that Architects get an opportunity to get updated on the new product lines and the technological inventions.

To enable such partnering the Indian Institute of Architects (Northern Chapter: Delhi &  J&K) has certain models of programs to facilitate such interactions.

To partner with IIA Northern Chapter or to learn more about this program, please follow the linkPartner with IIA 2015


Any person qualified under Bye-Law and desirous of becoming a member under the following 7 Categories:

  • Honorary Fellow,
  • Fellow,
  • Associate,
  • Licentiate,
  • Retired Fellow,
  • Retired Associate, and
  • Retired Licentiate,

shall forward his/her application to the Council of the prescribed Form, duly endorsed, and accompanied by the form of Declaration, the prescribed Entrance Fee and the Subscription Fee. The amounts will be returned in case of non-election.

The IIA also enrolls persons as “Students of the Institute”, contact the chapter office to know more.

Please follow the link to know more about it.

The constitution of IIA can be obtained by following the link.