With the passing of the era of the great masters who had created an unique identity of an Indian Architect, we once again have a chance to create a new identity and a new structure for our profession within a new framework with the amendments in architects act.It’s time to answer a question, what amendments are needed in our Act to provide a new framework. What is the new identity we seek? What is the New Structure we seek to allow our profession to achieve its objective?

In 1972, the Architect Act only provided for “registration of architects” and it left behind an Unfinished Agenda. This unfinished agenda included “regulation of the practice of architecture” and ineffective”regulation of architectural education” . It’s time to address the “the unfinished agenda”.

The profession flourished wherever the great masters practiced, they were able to distinguish between Professional & Occupationalist & Vocationist. They achieved the concept that, Architect being a Trained Professional, should always be part of the decision making team and they always remained in responsible control over ” instruments of architectural service “. They provided services using “instruments of Architectural Service” and ensured that the clients understood that they were not selling any products (drawings, 3D or models or specs).

However in rest of the country, the architects remained and became subservient to their employers or the people who commissioned them. This caused the others to assert their terms over how the profession has to be professed. We were subject to conditions such as EMD, Security Deposit and other conditions that were designed for contractors/suppliers.

The intent of the architects code of conduct was lost and it became a tool to conduct disciplinary action on architects. This resulted in architects competing with fellow architects on terms of fee. The effectiveness of our council and the recognition it granted was diluted by municipalities who created their own terms under which we had to submit ourselves if we were to serve in such municipalities. The same problems percolated to our some of our schools who began to produce graduates and not professionals.

All these need to be addressed if we need a framework. We need a new leadership thought and a clarity on what do we architects seek in this new framework.

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Time : 1730 hours
Date :  Tuesday, Dec 27, 2016
Venue : New Committee Room, School of Planning and Architecture, IP Estate, New Delhi 110002.