As we all know that in architecture seeing is learning.  As an attempt to take this learning experience forward, and mixed with spirit of vacation, the Northern Chapter is planning an architectural tour to Germany, France, Switzerland  and Italy.  Tentatively the tour shall start on 27th May and end on 11th June of 2014.  The tentative cost of the tour shall be approximately Rs. 1,75,000.  The final cost may be less or more, depending on cost of air tickets and hotels and local transport, which can only be frozen once the group is decided.   (A tentative itinerary is attached with this mailer).

If your are interested in joining this architectural tour, please send your consent to email id of chapter, i.e., with a copy to,, and

Please note that the seats are limited to one bus load, i.e. up to maximum of approximately 30 numbers.  Therefore the inclusion shall be based on first cum first serve.  The only requirement is to be valid IIA member of Northern Chapter and his spouse.  The children, above 14 years, may be allowed only if there are additional seats.

Tentative Itinerary of Architects Tour with Venice Biennale 2014